Jan provided me with the most beautiful site fully enabling my work to speak for itself with a simplicity and elegance. An absolute professional!


‘Jan was great to work with and really understood our vision for the new website design. She was very flexible about making changes, and we were really pleased she was able to complete the design on our tight timescale. We’ve also hugely appreciated her ongoing support with minor edits and additions since the site went live.’ Sarah Graham, Women for Refugee Women

‘Working with Jan was an answer to my prayers. She made getting my website up and running a really smooth, fun and quick process. Something that I had put off because I thought it would be a nightmare to get sorted was all complete in no time at all. I am delighted with my new site and how easy it was to work with Jan to create the look and feel I was after. And I can now relax knowing that I have Jan on hand to help me with all my future requirements.’ Nic Corrigan, Whitehall Studio

‘Jan is a revelation to work with. Nothing is too much trouble. It’s been great fun building my new site with her, aiming at a different approach, to be more creative and ambitious and mostly, revelling in the sheer pleasure of being listened to!’ Mish Weaver, Stumble

‘It was the perfect experience working with Jan on my new website. I was invited to bombard her with material, ideas, positives and negatives, and she duly fielded them all with aplomb, gently nudging me towards solutions with infinite patience. Expertise I expected, and received in spades – all underpinned by effortless friendliness and a constant atmosphere of ‘can do’ . Thanks Jan.’ Paul Roberts

‘Working with Jan to make my website was brilliant – she explained things in really clear ways and asked questions I wouldn’t have thought about. After helping me decide on design and colour options, she built the basic site very quickly which gave us lots of time at the next level, to maximise its impact. I’m delighted with the result, and have also been well instructed in how to add and edit the site. Its a website which will magnify my profile and a wide range of my work’ Tessa Gordziejko

‘Jan not only created a beautiful yet simple blog site for me, but trained me how to use WordPress and has offered patient support as I got to grips with the technology. I am delighted with the results and highly recommend Jan.’ Rebecca Evans

‘We’ve had nothing but praise from everyone who’s seen our website which Jan redesigned with us in the summer. We always felt in control and Jan was not only a well of ideas but a model of speed and accuracy. Highly recommended!’ Jerry Smith and Sally Martin, Jungle Tide

‘Jan led me through the process with just the right amount of prompting, always following my instinct but not afraid to act on her own.’ Rachel Connor, writer

“You’ve worked so devotedly, dextrously and creatively and given much much more than we can remunerate you for.” Helen Meller, Festival Coordinator, Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

‘Jan built my website for me quickly and efficiently and I’m really pleased with the result. Jan gives very good advice on the content, structure and appearance of websites and is very much up-to-date with the industry. She is also a great person to work with – thank you, Jan!Alison Grant

‘Jan gave me what I wanted, not what she wanted me to have. I never felt I was arguing against a set idea or a closed mind wanting to repeat the last project. Quite the contrary – this was a real collaboration and one which produced a really great result in less than a month. Use this woman’s services!’ Robin Hoyle, Learnworks

‘Jan is a woman with tenacity and committed to getting it right. My kind of collaborator.’ Bev Morton, The Art of Possibility

‘Working with Jan was so easy because of her willingness to really try to understand my vision for my new business and her amazing ability to translate what she could see of my personality into the colours and feel of the site. She was also remarkably patient with my technophobia and grew my confidence in my ability to edit the site myself.’ Clare Gee, Stress Resilience

‘Jan is a delight to work with; quick, thoughtful, with ideas to contribute, and lots of experience. Above all, she delivers when she says she will. Excellent value for money.’ John Haward, Le Puget

‘It was so enjoyable working with Jan, she just knows what you want even if you can’t get the words out. Everything was done so quickly and professionally it was a brilliant experience. I would recommend her to anyone wanting a website done.’ Jane Tilton, Bellenden Therapy Rooms

‘In a very short time Jan grasped and understood who and what I was about and guided me very patiently step- by-step until my website was ready to be launched. I cannot recommend her highly enough, Jan made the whole process a very positive experience.’ Lisbeth Russell

‘Working with Jan on my new website was a joy – I wanted a new WordPress website and to learn how to do my own editing, and I am now empowered to to do this thanks to Jan’s website building skills, awesome techie skills, her encouragement and guidance.’ Deb Nicholson consulting

‘Thank you for all your patience, problem solving and suggestions. You were always so available and present in this whole process.’ Sarah Jane Watson

‘We are really happy with our website. Jan has been very helpful, able, creative, and knowledgeable. Her communication with us has always been very clear and responsive, which has been an essential part of the process. I’ve enjoyed our collaboration and feel it’s been a great balance between our thoughts and desires, and Jan’s input.’ Helen Cruthers, Dialogue Training and Consultancy