Jan provided me with the most beautiful site fully enabling my work to speak for itself with a simplicity and elegance. An absolute professional!


I hope that the following information will hep you to decide if I’m the designer for you. If you are not clear about anything, please do email me.

What will my website cost?

Will my site be mobile-friendly (i.e. easily read on smartphones and tablets)?

I haven’t got a domain name or web hosting. Can you sort that out for me?

How long will it take to build my site?

When do I pay you?

What if I want you to amend my text after the site is launched, Jan?

Do I have complete control over the content?

What about search engine visibility?

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What will my website cost?
I develop WordPress sites which clients can readily update themselves and which can also be used as blogs now or in the future. These sites start from £650 (if you have artwork already) rising to £790 (if you require me to design a simple banner and colour scheme, or if you’re an artist requiring me to build you a gallery). Large sites which require a lot of technical functionality will be costed individually. Also see When do I pay you? below.

Will my site be mobile-friendly (i.e. easily read on smartphones and tablets)?
Since late 2013 I have developed sites which recognise the kind of device you’re using and adapt accordingly. Google is now using this capability in its algorithms and boosting the rankings of mobile-friendly pages in mobile search results (click here to read what Google has to say about this). If you’ve ever tried to look at a site where you have to zoom in to read the text, you’ll understand why it’s so important.

I haven’t got a domain name or web hosting. Can you sort that out for me?
It’s best if you do this yourself, though I can help you make decisions about what it should be, point you in the right direction and even talk you through it on the phone.

Many web designers will do this for you and even host your domain. Believe me, if you ever decide to move to a different designer, extracting your site can be quite tricky. And what about the ‘web designer run over by a bus’ scenario? I prefer my clients to register their own domains and arrange their own hosting. It gives you autonomy. As a client said recently, ‘It’s more grown up’! 😉

IMPORTANT: you must ensure your domain host has the facility to host WordPress plus various other important technical bits and pieces. I am happy to advise you on this for no extra charge. The company I use and recommend is www.machinenetworks.co.uk. US-based clients may prefer to use a US-based company for their domain registration and web hosting.

How long will it take to build my site?
I will agree a time schedule with you including a proposed completion date. This time schedule is dependent upon you providing the content and feedback as agreed, any delay will impact on when I can complete and this may be affected by other contracts.

When do I pay you?
I start work on receipt of ½ of the agreed total fee. You pay the rest when the site is complete and before it goes live. Payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer.

What if I want you to amend my text or add additional features after the site is launched,  Jan?
I can do this for you – my charge is £60 an hour and pro rata. Clients find I can do a great deal in just 10 minutes, and I can always give you a quote if you need it.

Amazing speed and efficiency and an unfailingly friendly response. Paul Roberts, Concert Pianist

If I want to change one word or several paragraphs, it is discussed, amended and complete within hours and I only pay for the time that it takes Jan to make the adjustment, which never seems to be very long at all! June Gamble, Life Coach

Do I have complete control over the content?
You certainly do! Your site must truly represent who you are; authenticity is vital in marketing your business therefore I encourage you to write the text yourself or commission a copywriter to do it for you. I will happily point out any typos I spot and any grammatical errors, clichés etc.

What about search engine visibility
Having your website is simply the first stage – you then have to make sure people can find it, and also drive traffic to it yourself (for example, by using social media).

I use search engine optimisation strategies when building sites; however, much is dependent upon how clear you are about precisely who you are focusing your marketing towards. One thing you’ll need to do is identify ‘keywords’ (i.e. the terms people would type into the search engines in order to find you) and then include those in your text. We can talk about this when you commission the site.

Ask me a question – email me and ask more